Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my delivery?
Orders placed BEFORE 5:00PM on a business day will be process and scheduled for delivery within the next three business days(day 1 starts the next business day).

Orders placed AFTER 5:00PM and on SATURDAY and SUNDAY or a MAJOR HOLIDAY will be processed the next business day and will be scheduled for delivery within the the next 3 business days(day 1 starts the next business day).

Please note: Delivery schedule is subject to change due to inclement weather, vehicle maintenance, and/or other circumstances beyond our control.

What are the business days and hours?
Business days and hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.
What does "normal" weather or conditions mean?

Normal weather refers to typical weather conditions expected for that time of the year. Unusual weather conditions that could cause delivery delays can include:

  • Inability for trucks to enter driveways or parking lots, typically due to snow and ice.
  • Poor road conditions caused by rain, snow, wind, ice, sleet, etc.
  • Weather conditions that slow deliveries such as snow, ice, wind, and temperatures.
  • Below average winter temperatures over several days which may occasionally cause an unusual increase in demand in a short period of time.

Normal operational conditions refer to the typical availability of supplies and equipment required to respond to a normal number of deliveries. Unusual operations conditions that could cause a delivery delays can include:

Limited availability of fuel, or other supplies, that could be caused by circumstances such as terminal closures or restricted access, unavailability of fuel at terminals, other situations that cause delays in securing fuel or other supplies.

  • Mechanical breakdowns or malfunctions that limit the ability for a company to perform their normal functions.
What is your minimum order?
100 gallons. If you do not take 100 gallons, you are still charged your full deposit amount.
What if my tank does not take the full amount I ordered?
No problem, you are only charged for the gallons pumped. – Normally this is because your tank could not hold all the gallons you ordered. All heating oil tanks have a “usable capacity” which is less than the actual capacity. For example, a 275-gallon tank has a usable capacity of about 256 gallons. The remaining space is required during the filling process to avoid accidental spills as well as allowing for expansion of the fuel as it warms. During the filling process, the driver listens to your “fill alarm” which tells the driver when your tank is filled to its usable capacity. For safety and to avoid environmental contamination, your driver must stop pumping oil when the vent alarm indicates your tank to be full. UNLESS you do not take 100 gallons, you are still charged your full deposit amount.
Will the price per gallon be the same price on my delivery date as it was the day I placed my order?
Yes. Once your order is placed and you’ve received a confirmation then you are locked in at that price.
If I use your website to place my order can I still pay with cash or a check when my oil is delivered?
No. This website only allows credit card payment and was created to expedite the process for our customers allowing them to order at any time and not just regular business hours. Any cash or check paying customers will still need to call the office and manually order their oil.
What services do you provide?
  • Residential Heating Oil
  • Commercial Heating Oil
  • On Road/Off Road Diesel – Please call for all diesel inquiries
  • Emergency Delivery
If I use your website are you going to wholesale my oil delivery to another company?
No. Our relationship with our customers is our lifeline and we would not sell or wholesale your oil delivery to another company.
I’m usually not home when my oil is delivered, is my property safe while your staff delivers my oil?
All of our personnel are subject to a full background checks, social security verification and a criminal history check before even being considered for employment. Our drivers are at least CDL Class B certified, are subject to random drug screening throughout the year and have also all received their TWIC card. The TWIC card is performed by TSA security and along with an extensive background check our drivers are also fingerprinted by TSA security and cleared with a zero threat assessment.
Is your staff given any kind of training or safety instructions?
Yes. Each driver is given significant safety instructions and training. Each driver must perform and complete our ‘ride along program’ with one of our senior drivers prior to being allowed to deliver on their own.
I love the ease and convenience of your website, but is my credit card information secure on your website?
Yes. All of our credit card transactions are completed through our website which is SSL Certified. Your credit card and personal information are our TOP PRIORITY.
Will my credit card, personal information or sales data ever be sold or used by anyone other your company?
No. All of your information whether it is an email address, credit card information or sales transaction data; starts and stops with M.J. Meehan Excavating, Inc. We do not and will not sell or share your information at any time, for any reason and under any circumstance.
How much heating oil will I use?
This depends on several factors. Please visit our chart on the delivery area page.
Can I talk to a live person if I have a question?

Yes. Our Office staff are multi-talented and very busy, so if they don’t answer your call right away, please leave a message. We promise to return your call as soon as possible. Visit our contact page for phone number and email address.

What happens if it snows?
Occasionally, the inclement weather interferes with our ability to deliver with in our 3 business day time frame. When this occurs, we will make every effort to fill orders in a timely manner and communicate in advanced if we think deliveries will be delayed a day. If you are running low on oil and a storm is coming, please order as soon as possible! We will do our best to fill your order before the storm hits. After a snowstorm, we ask that you clear your driveway and path to fill pipe. All these things help us to safety make your delivery.